Concept Development

We understand that every project is unique, this is why our creatives would dissect the various ways to bring your project to life including the:

  • Visual style
  • Graphics
  • Music choice
  • Sound design
  • Production techniques

We understand that it is the details that matter, which is why we use the concept process to smooth out all the edges and fill in the gaps.

Like we do in all our clients, our experts would have an initial consultation session with you to understand what you want to achieve. We would work out an initial production plan to ensure have covered all the bases because we want to ensure that your project would deliver the results that you are looking for. Once this stage is completed and you give your consent, our creatives would go to work develop your concept based on the agreed plan. Our goal at the end of the process is to present you with a final product that actually exceeds your initial expectations.

Our standard practice is to offer clients two concepts for evaluation and discussion and your experience with us would be no different. And because we know that the pre-production process functions as a loop, we would work with all feedback given to us to ensure your project develops as you envisioned.

Even when you go into the next stage of your production, our experts are available to provide advice and guidance as needed because as we say, working with you is a partnership and collaboration. Even as we would love to provide our services in other areas of pre-production and production services.


Some Brands We Have Worked With

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