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Promoted videos that increase brand awareness and produce results

The job of advertisers is getting increasingly difficult for business advancement. Gatherings of people are divided, media keeps getting more competitive and wading through the clutter has never been all the more difficult.

For the business owner, getting in front of their audiences has never been more important as a large percentage are now social.

This is the where Sidomex and our brilliant algorithm for promoting videos come in.

We produce compelling videos that grab attention and yield results for the brands we work with. We make content that your audience will love. Content that incites audiences to take action, whatever that might be.

Case Study: Tresses

Our tested process for compelling video content

We have created over five hundred videos for our clients. Over time, we have studied our process, learnt from it and applied the results to our subsequent projects. We know how to make sure your video passes the message you want it to.

So what’s the secret to getting the most out of video content? Impactful videos are fascinating, impactful and helpful to the consumer. Content that grabs attention and dazzles viewers will deliver core messages more effectively.

This kind of content drives audiences to take action. What’s more, that is what we accomplish for our customers time and time again.

We believe video ought to convey results. That is why we work collaboratively with our clients instead of simply being a provider. We take the time to get to the foundation of your brand, your objectives, and who you need to impact.

It takes passion, experience and commitment, and that’s why we’re perfect for you.

We believe video should deliver results. That’s why we work in collaborative partnerships rather than settling for just being a supplier. We take the time to get to the root of your brand, your goals, and who you want to influence.

It’s not rocket science — it just takes passion, experience & dedication.

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